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The Good

  • Blois is beautiful
  • We see the sun for the first time in what feels like weeks
  • We find a launderette
  • We get to feel like we’re sort of on holiday as we potter about like tourists
  • We get some groceries and speak a little French

DSC_9654 Blois

The Bad

  • When we arrive it is shut



The Ugly

  • We’re all a bit unsettled and homesick and downright loopy


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I take photographs and write a bit and have been harbouring romantic notions of a life on the land for as long as I can remember. My partner and I, with our two non-schooled boys, are planning a year long trip in a Hymer motorhome to Morocco and around Europe.


  1. Bless you – we have had all these feelings… but somehow when it’s super good, they all feel like memories that remind you that you are really living… I hope you get to see much more good though – I know you will šŸ™‚


  2. Damian says

    We’ve just started doing tour’s in our panel van conversion after buying it six months ago and love it. Will be heading into France in March for a couple of weeks for the first time so great to read your experiences. Do you have heating in yours? (We don’t!) How are you finding the Aires?


    • Hi Damian, we don’t have heating as we swapped out our broken heater for an oven and grill. On balance we thought that might be more useful in the long run. It has been exceptionally cold some nights but we’ve wrapped up and taken hot water bottles to bed and been ok. We also took along something called a bivvy heater, which has served us well on really cold days (it’s hard getting out of bed when it’s that cold!). I’m working on a post containing all the aires we’ve stayed at and how that’s been, so stay tuned and hopefully it’ll be up in a few days. It’s all good fun so don’t be put off by a little hardship!


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