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Tomo, Tomo, Tomo

I just had to write a little post about our wonderful stay at Buffet Butina in Kuterevo. We don’t eat out all the time as funds generally don’t allow it but sometimes, when we’re tired,  we just can’t resist. Particularly when the restaurant in question looks like the cosiest, most Tolkienesque place you may ever indulge in a plate of food.

Fortunately for us, not only was the food delicious and the surroundings bewitching – our host, Tomo was also a superstar. We were given a sweet and safe place to park the van for a couple of nights, more homemade rakija than we really should have drunk, a family of hand carved spoons, and a welcome that makes a weary traveller’s heart thump with joy.

DSC_5356 DSC_5360 DSC_5361

Tomo’s place, like the rest of Kuterevo, feels ancient and magical. The light seemed to fall with intentional care and the combination of old wood with old embroidered and woven textiles cast a time-travelling spell.

We ate vegetable soup, the best mixed grill of our lives and ustipci (a local doughnut), with homemade jam. Throughout our meal Tomo came and sat with us occasionally, always pouring us all another drink and raising a glass.

DSC_5509 DSC_5357 DSC_5510 DSC_5514 DSC_5521 DSC_5523

The entire time we stayed, Tomo and his wife were warm and kind. We left with a bag full of free home-grown veggies and deep sense of well-being.

As we waved goodbye and drove off, Tomo grabbed an enormous flag and gave us a wave off fit for royalty. All we could do as we passed our host with his flag was shake our heads as we’d seen his wife do before us, and repeat her despairing refrain, ‘Tomo, Tomo, Tomo’….

*Our meal at Buffet Butina consisted of a mixed grill for two (enormous portions), two vegetable soups, several beers and glasses of wine, juice for the children and pudding, all for around £35. We also had breakfast on our last morning – eggs, bread, jams and whatnot, with juice, coffee etc for under £20. Tomo also offers guestrooms I believe, which one day Rob and I hope to come and stay in. Tomo’s website is here 


  1. majabukovac says

    Dear family Gough, we appreciate reading this story about your spent time at our place. It was plesure hosted such nice, friendly family. We hope see you again. Bear`s greetings from Kuterevo. Tomo and Dubravka 🙂


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